Akbar Khan attempts to bring China and India closer with cultural links

China and India which have a rich cultural and historic background could contribute in a big way to promote a happy coexistence between countries of the world.

This week, Mr. Tang Guocai, Consul General of the People’s Republic of China in Mumbai, and Indian filmmaker Mr Akbar Khan came together at a dinner, having a common view that cinema played a key role in bringing the world together.

Akbar Khan hosted a dinner at his residence in honour of the Chinese Consul General Tang Guocai and Deputy Consul General Wang Yanhua and their colleagues, along with the cultural attaché and other members of the Consulate of China in Mumbai, with family and close friends.

The dinner was well attended by actors of the Indian film industry, corporate head honchos and some political personalities.

The release of Akbar Khan’s historical film Taj Mahal — An Etermal Love Story, and his upcoming venture; a magnum opus historical film on Genghis Khan, was discussed. Incidentally, a big chunk of Genghis Khan is to be shot in China and will also have some leading actors from across the countries playing important roles in the film.

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